Saturday, July 24, 2021

Songbooks updated! ¡Cancioneros actualizados!

Ahora, cancioneros actualizados disponibles para descargar! Busque tu canción y únete con el coro.

Now, updated songbooks available for download! Seek your song and join the chorus!

Haga clic en las pestañas Cancionero o Songbook de arriba para ver las versiones en PDF de los cancioneros. En un teléfono celular, haga clic en Inicio para expandir el menú. 

Click the Cancionero or Songbook tabs above for PDF versions of the songbooks. On a cell phone, click Home to expand the menu.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cambio de planes... / Change of plans...


Cambio de planes para la fecha de inicio del karaoke en La Choperia

Querid@s cantantes,

El número de casos de COVID está aumentando nuevamente en San Miguel y en todo el país, por lo que Aarón y yo, junto con los propietarios de La Choperia, hemos decidido posponer nuestra fecha de reinicio. Si bien queremos volver a divertirnos, y la ciudad nos ha dado permiso, creemos que es demasiado pronto. ¡Queremos mantenerte a salvo!

Para ser claros, La Choperia ha reabierto, por lo que puedes ir allí, y también puedes ordenar la entrega. De hecho, ¡pedimos hamburguesas hoy!

Anunciaremos una nueva fecha de inicio lo antes posible. Mientras tanto, estás invitado a participar en karaoke a través de Zoom todos los viernes por la noche, de 7 p.m. a 11 p.m., hora central. Encontrará invitaciones semanales en Facebook en la página del grupo SMA Karaoke Club.

Consejos para hacer que el karaoke en línea se parezca más al karaoke en vivo:
  • Sea tu propio bartender favorito: ¡abastecerse!
  • ¡Invita a tus amigos desde cualquier parte del mundo!
  • Crea una lista de reproducción de YouTube con todas tus pistas de karaoke favoritas: ¡prepárate para cantar!
  • Obtenga la configuración de Zoom correcta: vea los enlaces a los tutoriales en las invitaciones de Facebook.
  • Encienda un foco de luz delante de tu cara, no detrás de tu cabeza.
  • Descargue el cancionero Karaoke Annie para obtener ideas: ¡pruebe algo nuevo cada semana!
Incluso si prefieres esperar hasta que nos reunamos en persona, no tiene que sentirse excluido. ¡Obtenga algo divertido de Karaoke Annie Entertainment Store ( o Karaoke Annie Shop en Zazzle como recordatorio de los buenos tiempos por venir! Las nuevas Velas Mágicas para Mejorar el Estado del Ánimo son increíbles y solo están disponibles en San Miguel (entrega local gratuita durante la pandemia).

Extraño tu carita ... ¡espero verte en línea este viernes!


🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 🎤 

Change of plans for karaoke start date at La Choperia

Dear singers,

The number of COVID cases is rising again in San Miguel and throughout the country, so Aarón and I, together with the owners of La Choperia, have decided to postpone our restart date. While we very much want to get back to having fun, and the city has given us permission, we feel it’s too soon. We want to keep you safe!

To be clear, La Choperia has reopened, so you can go there, and you can order for delivery as well. In fact, we ordered hamburgers today!

We will announce a new start date as soon as possible. In the meantime, you are invited to participate in karaoke via Zoom every Friday night, 7pm-11pm Central time. You’ll find weekly invitations on Facebook on the SMA Karaoke Club group page.

Tips for making online karaoke more like live karaoke:
  • Be your own favorite bartender—stock up!
  • Invite your friends—from anywhere in the world!
  • Create a YouTube playlist of all your favorite karaoke tracks—be ready to sing!
  • Get your Zoom settings right—see the links to tutorials in the Facebook invitations.
  • Turn a spotlight on—in front of you, not behind you.
  • Download the Karaoke Annie songbook for ideas—try something new each week!
Even if you would rather wait until we get together in person, you don’t have to feel left out. Grab something fun from the
Karaoke Annie Entertainment Store ( or the Karaoke Annie Shop on Zazzle as a reminder of good times to come! My new Karaoke Annie’s Magical Mood-Enhancing Candles are amazing (the link doesn't work in the U.S. since they can't be shipped there, sorry!), and they’re available only in San Miguel (free local delivery during the pandemic). 

I miss your face...hope to see you online this Friday!


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Announcing our new venue: Kafé W!!

Drum roll, please...!

As of November 15, 2019, our Friday-night karaoke home will be Kafé W (Kafé Wow Too) at Salida a Celaya #16, across from Panio and La Casona. Start time 7:00pm, wrapping up at 11:30pm or so.

This cozy café offers the same seating capacity as The Beer Company and Oso Azul, but a bit more comfort plus an outside patio. We'll start with one TV screen mounted above the bar, and you can sing from your seat or create your own stage anywhere in the room.

In addition to a full dinner menu and snacks for later, Kafé W serves beer, wine, mezcal and tequila (soon to add a full liquor assortment) as well as juices and sodas. Arrive early for 2x1 margaritas during happy hour from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

In an attempt to save trees, I'm creating a single songbook that includes Spanish, English, and a handful of songs in other languages, and we'll find a central place for that. If you'd rather, you can access the Karaoke Annie Entertainment songbook at and download the searchable PDF files.

Note that the Kafé W staff has a previously scheduled event on Friday, November 29 (the day after Thanksgiving), so we'll either find a pop-up location or skip that day (in which case I'll be hanging out at Aarón's karaoke show at La Choperia, and everyone's invited to join me)!

So excited!! See you Friday!!

Karaoke Annie

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

¡Cambiarémos el lugar de viernes! / New Friday night location TBA!

2 NOVEMBER 2019 — After two great years at Oso Azul under Jens Møller's ownership, we gave the place a trial run under the new ownership and it just wasn't the same. We have decided to move on. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new Friday-night karaoke location, coming soon!

2 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2019 — Después de dos años exitosos en Oso Azul bajo la propiedad de Jens Møller, le dimos al lugar una prueba bajo la nueva propiedad y simplemente no fue lo mismo. Hemos decidido seguir adelante. Quédense atentos para el anuncio de nuestra nuevo lugar de karaoke los viernes, ¡próximamente!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

LUGAR NUEVO: Don Lupe Grill

Ahora disfruta de una noche de karaoke con Karaoke Annie Entertainment en 3 lugares de San Miguel de Allende!

En el mes de enero de 2019 añadimos los sábados a partir de las 7:00pm hasta la medianoche en Don Lupe Grill! 

Ven con tus amigos y tu familia (sí, con los niños también) para cenar y cantar en el ambiente mexicana contemporánea, con comida excelente de precio accesible. 

Se encuentra en Salida a Celaya #6, Col. San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Reservaciones en 415 121 3820.

Además de los sábados en Don Lupe, continuamos con los viernes de karaoke en Café Oso Azul (Zacateros #17) a partir de las 7:00pm hasta las 11:00pm...

y los martes de karaoke en La Choperia (Canal #21) a partir de las 8:00pm hasta las 12:30am.

¡Esta semana vamos a cantar! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

For Learning English, A Song Of Freedom

by Grant Blankenship (@Grant_Blank_,
Georgia Public Broadcasting
March 16, 2017
Reprinted by permission of the author.

We use singing to teach English, and they're going from pre-Kindergarten English to 8th grade English in two to three years. The easiest way to learn something is singing it. 
(Elise Witt)

The middle school students of the Global Village Project during a visit to the Tubman African American Museum in Macon.  GRANT BLANKENSHIP /  GPB
Learning English is not easy.

That can be true even for immigrants to the United States who have had the benefit of the best education available in the countries where they grew up.

Now imagine you're a kid from a country torn apart by war or political unrest. You may be lucky to be literate in your first language. Taking a child like that from speaking no English to speaking the language well enough to go to high school is no mean feat. 

Yet that is just what the Global Village Project has done in Decatur, Ga. for the last eight years. There they teach about 40 middle school age girls, all political refugees, speaking something like 17 different languages. Among the tools the school uses to teach English is music, in particular singing. In this short video, hear how singer/songwriter Elise Witt uses Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" in the curriculum. Witt says the power is in the verses you may not have learned in school.

Video: Mastering English is hard. So at the Global Village Project Middle School in Decatur, Georgia, musician Elise Witt uses song to make make English easier for students who are also political refugees. Here’s Witt and the students with Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land. Witt says the power is in the verses you probably didn't learn in school.

Link to the original article at

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Beer Company is closed; Oso Azul is SMA's new karaoke hotspot!


'Twas a sad day September 2 when we sang our last songs at The Beer Company, after four years and eight months of karaoke every Friday night. Nothing can replace Harold's hospitality.

But thanks to Jens Kristian Møller, we have a new hotspot for karaoke Friday nights: Oso Azul at Zacateros 17! We start at 7pm and wrap up at 11pm (unless the staff is okay staying later...then we close the doors and keep on singing!).

Fun facts about karaoke at The Beer Company:
  • Number of total minutes of karaoke (actual singing time): 72,000
  • Total number of singers who performed at The Beer Company: 450-500
  • Countries represented by singers: Mexico, USA, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, England, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Croatia, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan and maybe more
  • Karaoke Annie with Harold Dean James
  • Largest repertoire among singers whose archive contains more than 50 songs:
  • Hosts Annie (265) and Aarón (255)
  • Fred Collins (213)
  • Victor Guzman (147)
  • Barb Shaw (133) and Dilia “Dee" Suriel (133)
  • Juan Mandujano (129)
  • Gina Giampaoli (99)
  • Adriana Cruz Hardesty (98) and Alma Miranda (98)
  • Dan Brill “El Brillo” (87)
  • Blanca Betancourt (82)
  • Kike Carrillo Delgado (77)
  • Jorge Catalan (75)
  • Jorge Cuaik (65 + 35 duets with Julia Hackstaff)
  • John Alderton (64) and Harold Dean James (64)
  • Alex Gutierrez (63)
  • Allen Zeesman (56) and Lourdes Grisell Abundiz (56)
  • Record for the most number of times singing the same song: Victor Guzman with “Mack the Knife” (sung 81 times!)
  • Celebrities who sang with us: 
  • Tony Gonzales, former tight end for Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs, now a Fox NFL pre-game analyst
  • Total number of karaoke photos and videos uploaded to Facebook: over 10,000 (plus yours!)

Fortunately we were able to start up at Oso Azul just two weeks later, September 15, for Mexican Independence Day! Five fun Fridays later, we're filling up the place and we've attracted a few new "karaoke victims" who are becoming regulars.

Hope to see you Friday nights at Oso Azul!

For more karaoke nights and venues, click here.

UPDATE 2 NOVEMBER 2019: After two by great years at Oso Azul under Jens Møller's ownership, we gave the place a trial run under the new ownership and it just wasn't the same. We have decided to move on. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new Friday-night karaoke location, coming soon! 

ACTUALIZACIÓN 2 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2019: Después de dos grandes años en Oso Azul bajo la propiedad de Jens Møller, le dimos al lugar una prueba bajo la nueva propiedad y simplemente no fue lo mismo. Hemos decidido seguir adelante. Estén atentos para el anuncio de nuestra nueva ubicación de karaoke los viernes, ¡próximamente!