Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Zone (formerly Tapas & Tini's) at #36 Umaran will begin offering karaoke on Friday, February 4, from 9pm to midnight. I'm hosting!

More good news: NO COVER!

The Zone is right in the middle of the action if you're planning on dancing at Mint, El Grito or Mama Mia later. They've got 40 different tequilas, all your favorite beers, and a cool new space.

Bring your friends and join Karaoke Ani at The Zone, Friday nights from 9pm to midnight, starting Feb. 4!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Record yourself singing on Facebook!

Karaoke fans, here's a new Facebook page, launched yesterday, on which you can play the karaoke song-of-the-day and record yourself singing along! It's called Daily Karaoke.

The instructions on the Daily Karaoke page say to use the Facebook Video Recorder or, if that doesn't work (and it didn't for me), you can use your own video camera to record yourself singing, then upload the video to the Daily Karaoke page.

To record yourself singing the song-of-the-day, open the song in a separate window and play it while singing into the camera and microphone. If you don't have a microphone separate from the camera, it's not going to sound the best, but try it anyway, just for fun!

Note to Mac users: The Daily Karaoke folks tell me the problem with using the Facebook Video Recorder is that the video components for Google Chat interfere with the FB recorder's ability to access the camera built into the Mac. They offer the following solution:
  • Open Finder, then click on your hard drive and look for the Library > Quicktime > Google Directory.
  • Look for the following files and move them to the trash:
    • Google Camera Adapter 1.component
    • Google Camera Adapter 0.component
  • Empty your trash and restart your browser, and you should see your camera as an option the next time you go to the recorder.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Celebrate with karaoke at home!

Dear Karaoke Lovers,

Happy New Year! Hosting a karaoke party at home is the perfect way to make any special occasion more memorable.

It doesn't matter if your place is big or small, just so you have a TV and enough seating for everyone. Serve snacks and drinks, or ask everyone to bring something to share. Dress up and roll out the red carpet, or tell' em "Come as you are." Anything goes!

New Year's Resolution: Host your own private karaoke party in 2011!

Plan now for your birthday, anniversary, homecoming, bon voyage, visits from friends, or anything else worth celebrating!

Karaoke Ani