Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doctors say karaoke is good for your health!

Much has been written about the health benefits of singing, and when you sing socially—karaoke!—you get even more goodies psychologically and in relationships. 

According to actor and voice coach Nikki Slade, it's important to sing socially whether you're talented or not. "By connecting with our true sound we release the social noise that binds us from within and, as old and redundant patterns of behaviour dissolve, a space is created from the inside that is our true identity. This is the experience of our own inner freedom and it is from this place that the inspiration for the whole of our lives arises."

And then what happens? "We become clearer in decision making; we allow our talents to manifest and shine and become ready to enter new depths of relationships with ourselves and those around us that are free from judgement and pain," says Slade.

"Karaoke—combined with moderate drinking—has the backing of mainstream medicos," says an article in the London Daily Telegraph.

Karaoke nights out are good for your health, scientists have claimed, who found drinking and singing with friends helped reduce heart disease and strokes.

"Drinking responsibly with a good friend makes you feel happy and healthy," says Japanese professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine. Singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system. After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events." (I figure the Japanese ought to know!)

According to mom-blogger Ellen Joy Castel Cayaba, singing karaoke has physical health benefits including:
  • karaoke exercises your lungs;
  • karaoke tones up your diaphragm and your chest muscles;
  • it can improve your sleeping habits and
  • improve your blood circulation by decreasing muscle tension;
  • karaoke can improve your posture;
  • it will help you become mentally alert; and
  • it improves your immune system.
What else can I say? Come out and sing for your health!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Karaoke scores at The Zone! Karaoke gana en La Zona!

If you haven't yet experienced karaoke Friday nights at The Zone (#36 Umaran), why not plan on this week? The first turn at the mic is at 9pm, but happy hour 2x1 ends at 8pm. Hmmm, what to do?

Si aún no has experimentado karaoke viernes por la noche en La Zona (# 36 Umaran), ¿por qué no piensas en esta semana? El primer turno en el micrófono es a las 9 pm, pero la hora feliz con 2x1 termina a las 8 pm. ¿Qué hacer?

Well, some folks have made it a habit to come early (say, just before 8:00) to browse the extensive songbooks and get their requests in while ordering burgers, wings or hot dogs and a beer (make that two...for the price of one!). The Zone also offers house cocktails for only 50 pesos all night long.

Bueno, algunas personas han hecho el hábito de llegar temprano (por ejemplo, justo antes de las 8:00) para buscar los amplios libros de canciónes y dar sus peticiones, y en el mismo tiempo que ordenaba hamburguesas, alas, o hotdogs y una cerveza (disculpa, ¡dos cervezas! ... por el precio de uno). La Zona también ofrece cócteles de la casa por sólo 50 pesos durante toda la noche.

In the casual, no-pressure atmosphere that Brian Cuffney has created at The Zone, you can try songs you love even if you've never done the karaoke thing before. We'll help you! (Some of our selections offer con voz versions—so it's just like singing with the radio except instead of the steering wheel, you will be holding a microphone.)

En  la atmósfera informal y libre de presión que el dueño Brian Cuffney ha creado en La Zona, puedes probar toda las canciones que quieres, incluso si nunca has hecho lo de karaoke antes. Vamos a ayudarte! (Algunas de nuestras selecciones de ofrecer versiones "con voz"—por lo que es igual que cantar con la radio.)

Thanks to all of our "regulars" and huge applause for those who've come to try karaoke for the first time. As my Minnesota friend Margaret and her pal Hannah and I proved last week, We Are A Family at The Zone, and it doesn't take skill to have a great time singing!!!

Gracias a todos nuestros habituales, y un aplauso enorme para aquellos que han venido a tratar de karaoke por primera vez. Mexicanos y extranjeros iguales, somos una familia en La Zona, y si alguien no tiene talento grande, no nos importa porque el punto de la noche es que él o ella puede disfrutar de cantando!!!