Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doctors say karaoke is good for your health!

Much has been written about the health benefits of singing, and when you sing socially—karaoke!—you get even more goodies psychologically and in relationships. 

According to actor and voice coach Nikki Slade, it's important to sing socially whether you're talented or not. "By connecting with our true sound we release the social noise that binds us from within and, as old and redundant patterns of behaviour dissolve, a space is created from the inside that is our true identity. This is the experience of our own inner freedom and it is from this place that the inspiration for the whole of our lives arises."

And then what happens? "We become clearer in decision making; we allow our talents to manifest and shine and become ready to enter new depths of relationships with ourselves and those around us that are free from judgement and pain," says Slade.

"Karaoke—combined with moderate drinking—has the backing of mainstream medicos," says an article in the London Daily Telegraph.

Karaoke nights out are good for your health, scientists have claimed, who found drinking and singing with friends helped reduce heart disease and strokes.

"Drinking responsibly with a good friend makes you feel happy and healthy," says Japanese professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine. Singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system. After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events." (I figure the Japanese ought to know!)

According to mom-blogger Ellen Joy Castel Cayaba, singing karaoke has physical health benefits including:
  • karaoke exercises your lungs;
  • karaoke tones up your diaphragm and your chest muscles;
  • it can improve your sleeping habits and
  • improve your blood circulation by decreasing muscle tension;
  • karaoke can improve your posture;
  • it will help you become mentally alert; and
  • it improves your immune system.
What else can I say? Come out and sing for your health!

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